Made Easy

Resiliency for high-trauma careers

Learn how to release the patterns of past traumas.  Our techniques also have the power to prevent new traumas from taking root allowing you to be present in your life.

About The Trained Mind

At The Trained Mind, we are just like you.  Our staff has worked in law enforcement, the military, fire departments, and emergency medical units.  We struggled with our demons, traumas and paths to happiness.  All we wanted was to feel better.  Now we do and we want to share with you how we got there.

Who do we work with?

We work with anyone who regularly experiences traumatic events as part of their job as well as their families.  Professionals who repeatedly deal with tragedy and high-stress are vulnerable to mental health struggles that can be prevented with the proper support.

Why do we do it?

We’ve known too many good people who didn’t have the proper support to deal with their experiences.  These people were soon struggling with addiction, contemplating suicide, participating in destructive behaviors to cope.  We couldn’t sit by idly while we knew how to help.

How do we help?

We coach individually or conduct large-scale training sessions in-person or virtually to bring simple mindfulness techniques to those who need them the most.  These simple techniques can dramatically shift our internal voices and the events we have on repeat in our minds.

Featured Coaches

Our coaches are the real deal.  They’ve been where you are and struggled like you have.  They can help you find some light in all of the darkness.


Former military and government interrogator


Former police officer